Double Use Aluminium Ladder NVLY-6C

Folding height 16 0cm
Straight height 321 cm
Space between two rungs 30.5 cm
Aluminum mode 6063
Thickness of Aluminum 1 -1.6 mm
Steps 2×6
Net weight
6.65 kg
Max loading
150 kg




1. Feature & Function


Constructed with durable materials, 6063 aluminum alloy with a clean touch anodized finish is easy to clean.
Aluminum ladders with user manuals and anti-counterfeiting stamps on the ladder.
The super slim profile lightweight for easy transport and storage.
Lightweight, manageable, but durable enough for a pro.


Ladder feet parts

Our ladder’s feet material is anti-slip ABS plastic and firmly closed
Ladder foot pads are specially designed to reduce slip and create a sense of stability

Ladder’s Hinges

Design sure and high aesthetics. Flexible and firm hinge make the ladder sturdy when in use.
The lock automatically latches when extending the ladder so that it will not shake during working, giving users the best experience.

Use positions

The ladder will basic structures, super easy for operation.
Ladders can use A-shape and I-shape

2. Advantages

– More portable.
– Foldable, easy to store.
– Stable ladder shoe, non-slip.
– Use with many shapes, convenient for using with different positions, areas.

Uses position of ladder

3. Product Details

Double Use Aluminium Ladder NVLY-6C


* Folding height: 160cm
* Straight height: 321cm
* Space between two rungs: 30.5 cm
* Aluminum mode: 6063
* Thickness of Aluminum: 1 -1.6 mm
* Steps: 2×6 steps
* Net weight: 6.65 kgs
* Max load: 150 kgs


* Protective membrane + poly foam+ CTN
* Packing size: 48X12X178 cm


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