Fire automatic-controlling descending escape device for apartment

Tensile strength of belt and rope
900-1000 kg
Maximum service load
150 kg
Maximum number of users
1 person.
Descending speed
16 cm/s-150 cm/s
33 m
Net Weight
7.78 kg

Aviation wire rope

The rope is made of flexible and untwisted cotton special aviation cables to reduce friction during use and to maintain durability.
The old or weak or children may use it to escape to safety.
Emergency automatic escape device

Emergency automatic escape device

Descent control device

These devices are equipped with centrifugal force brakes, which provide a constant abseiling speed for the persons being rescued.
The old or weak or children may use it to escape to safety.

Armpit guard buffer rubber packing

Rubber packing is designed in one side to avoid lightning for users. Physical impact to armpits may be alleviated to the minimum level

User manual

User manual

User manual

Step 1: Put the speed control box into the fixed hook. Tighten the bolt to secure the gear box firmly
Step 2: Determine where to land, throw the coil down
Step 3: Wear the straps under the armpits, tighten the straps then perform a downward movement by bringing one foot down first, absolutely do not jump from the exit position.
Step 4: Person turns to face the wall, his legs spread out