Six Hinge Multi Purpose Folding Ladder NVLG-44A

Extension Length 473 cm
 A step ladder height 230 cm
Close up Height 127 cm
Space between two rungs
28 cm
Thickness of Aluminum 1.2-1.4 mm
Steps 4×4 
Net weight 13 kg
Max loading
150 kg



1/ Feature & Function


Constructed with durable and high quality materials of 6063 aluminum alloy, Source of billet to create aluminum is from Korea follow KSD6759 standard.
Aluminum surface is treated and anodized in white with a thickness 8-10 Microm help to increase the hardness, increase the strength of the material, avoid corrosion with time and severe weather, easy to clean and can withstand loads up to 150 kgs. The color electrostatic painting smooth, anti-rust.
Aluminum designed edges to increase the bearing capacity of the material.

Six Hinge Multi Purpose Folding Ladder NVLG-44A stands


Ladder foot pads made of anti-slip PVC plastic and firmly closed. Ladder foot pads are specially designed to reduce slip and create a sense of stability and safety


The special hinge locking key between two neighboring sections to avoid bumping and friction make strong and safe for ladders. Design sure and high aesthetics.


Multi-purpose aluminum ladders can use 10 different positions as:
1. Double Step Ladder
2. Step Ladder
3. Stairwell ladder
4. Multi-shelf
5. Stand-off ladder
6. Full straight ladder
7. 1/2 and 3/4 length straight ladder
8. Self-supporting scaffold
9. Extended span scaffold
10. Stairwell scaffold

Six Hinge Multi Purpose Folding Ladder NVLG-44A stand
2/ Advantages

– Strong anti-slip foot cover
– Provides long-lasting durability
– Fully Assembled, easy to move when working. Small in size after folding, easy to transport and store.
– Use with many shapes, convenient for using with different positions, areas, jobs.

3. Product Details

Nikawa Six Hinge Multi Purpose Folding Ladder NVLG-44A


* Extension Length: 473cm
* A step ladder height: 230cm
* Close up Height: 127 cm
*Space between two rungs: 28 cm
* Aluminum mode:6063
* Thickness of Aluminum: 1.2-1.4mm
* Steps: 4X4 steps
* Net weight: 13 kgs
* Max load: 150 kgs

Six Hinge Multi Purpose Folding Ladder NVLG-44A standard


* shrink wrap with color cover
* Packing size: 26x35x127 cm