Household Slim Ladder NKVL-4SL

Silver White
1.2-1.5 mm
Open size
1515 x 4766 x 921 mm
Close height
1664 x 466 x 55 mm
Platform size 260×335 mm
Platform height 912 mm
NET weight
6.7 kgs

1. Feature & Function


Constructed with Durable Materials, 6063 aluminum alloy with a Clean-Touch anodized finish make strong and safe ladders, can withstand loads up to 150 kgs. Lightweight, manageable, but durable enough for a pro.


Wider Platform

Household slim ladder is our best-selling platform step ladder lager, secure standing platform, extremely stable when step on, designed for household use, it opens easily with just one hand and offers comfortable, deep rungs with a lager and secure standing platform.

Non – slip feet

Ladder foot pads made of anti-slip ABS plastic and firmly closed.
Ladder foot pads increases friction with the platform to keep it stable.

Soles ladder

2. Advantages

– Full high quality Aluminum.
– It helps decoration, and it’s a decoration itself.
– Ergomomic design.
– Wider platform, extremely stable when step on.
– Anti skid pad.
– Simple and modern shape, luxury feeling.
– Very slim after folding and light weight, easy to carry, storage.


3. Product Details

Household Slim Ladder NKVL-4SL:

* Open size: 1515 x 4766 x 921 mm
* Close size: 1664 x 466 x 55 mm
* Platform size: 260×335 mm
* Platform height: 912 mm
* Steps: 4 steps
* Net weight: 6.7 kgs
* Max loading: 150 kgs