Multi Purpose Folding Ladder NVLB-46A

Open double use min length 180 cm
Open double use max length 317 cm
Open straight max length 617 cm
Space between two rungs
30 cm
Thickness of Aluminum 1.5-2.5 mm
Steps 4×6
Net weight
16 kgs
Max loading
150 kgs


1. Feature & Function


Constructed with durable and high quality materials of 6063 aluminum alloy, avoid corrosion with time and severe weather, can withstand loads up to 150 kgs.


Advanced technology of auto-locking knobs “J ” QUICK LOCK surely and safely into all positions, help to adjust the length and configuration of the ladder faster and easier . The lock automatically is latched when extending the ladder so that it will not shake during working, giving users the best experience.

Multi Purpose Folding Ladder NVLB-46A

Use Positions

Multi-purpose aluminum ladders have basic structures, super easy for operation, can use 4 different positions as: Double use ladder (A-shape), Extension ladder (I-shape), Staircase – steps ladder, and Scaffolding base

If you need a small scaffolding to use, you just need to pull out inner cage into 2 ladders. On the half outer, we latch the lock to secure the ladder legs. Using an aluminum pedestal or a wooden board between the legs of the ladder will be a safe workplace.

2. Advantages

– Get one for decorating and household cleaning all year round
– Provides long-lasting durability
– Small in size after folding, easy to transport and store.
– Use with many shapes, convenient for using with different positions, areas.

Multi Purpose Folding Ladder NVLB-46A stand

3. Product Details

Nikawa Multi Purpose Folding Ladder Model NVLB-46A:


* Open double use min length: 180cm
* Open double use max length: 317cm
* Open straight max length: 617cm
* Space between two rungs: 30 cm
* Aluminum mode: 6063
* Thickness of Aluminum:1.5-2.5 mm
* Steps: 4×6 steps
* Net weight: 16 kgs
* Max load: 150 kgs


* Protective membrane + poly foam+ CTN
* Packing size: 192x23x73 cm


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