Double Aluminium Telescopic ladder NK-50AIA

1.2-1.5 mm
Min height
93 cm
Max height
440 cm
A-shape height
210 cm
Max loading
150 kg
15.8 kg


All the safety requirements and best suitable thing was built a our Double telecopics ladder.
One of characterized their faith more than telescopic ladder is it can use under ” A-line” & ” I-line” which meet all the safety requirements.
Easier to amend working length or height swiftly, bend them in half, shorten each end individually so working on stairs or uneven surfaces is not big matter.

Single Aluminum Telescopic Ladder NK-VL32A
Automatic A-lock is designed under hight standard to ensure the best certainty and bearing for the ladder while ensuring easy operation.
Closed length around 84-99 cm and add wheels to help moving , storable , transportable is so easy
Thickness of aluminum 1,3-1,5 mm
Max loading : 150 KGS
High quality aluminum : T6063-T5 & Korea’s standards KSD6759.
Good force-resistance.

Two robust rubber non-slip feet and ensures solid grip with working surfaces leaving no scratches
The aluminum surface has been effectively has the best corrosion resistance
Ladders were manufactured using high quality aluminum combined with new technologies bring to you not only best ladder but also perfect beginning for your construction site, Electricity and Telecommunication Project

Double Telescopic ladder NK-50AIA

– Dimmention : 96x49x20 cm
– Height max A-Iine : 245 cm
– Height max I line : 500 cm
– Closed hight : 96 cm,
– Weight : 20,4kg,
– Step : 2×8


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