Single Aluminium Telescopic Ladder NK-VL32A

1.3 -1.5 mm
Min height
82 cm
Max height
320 cm
Max loading
150 kg
9,8 kg
Hight between steps
30 cm



You need a suitable ladder for Electricity and Telecommunication Project?
You need a suitable ladder for construction site?
You need a suitable ladder for repair of electrical systems or just simple like hanging a picture on the wall in your sweet home?
Single telescopic ladder will bring to you everything you want in a ladder.

Single Aluminum Telescopic Ladder NK-VL32A
The telescopic ladder is a kind of aluminum ladder which is light small and very convenient.
The most different with other Aluminum is Telescopic ladder can adjust height freely & easy.
Closed length around 82-97 cm. Moving , storable , transportable is so easy.
Thickness of aluminum 1,3-1,5 mm.
Max loading : 150 KGS .
High quality aluminum : T6063-T5 & Korea’s standards KSD6759.
Good force-resistance.

Single Aluminum Telescopic Ladder NK-VL32A
This ladder also comes with two robust rubber non-slip feet. Bring to you heightest safety.
The aluminum surface has been effectively has the best corrosion resistance.

Single Telescopic Ladder NK-VL32A

Single Aluminum Telescopic Ladder NK-VL32A

– Dimension: 82x47x9 cm
– Height max: 320 cm
– Closed height: 82 cm
– Gross weight: 9,8 kg
– Step: 11
– Height between steps: 30 cm


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