Single draw aluminum ladder with smart design

NK-VL 38
1,2- 1,5 mm
Min height
87 cm
Max height
380 cm
Max loading
150 kg
NET weight
10.8 kg
Rung width
47 cm
White-Dark green



Steps and height

Ladder has 13 steps and maximum height of 3.8 m designed for both builders and families

Collapse easily, fits all types of cars, easy to carry

Nikawa telescopic ladder
Nikawa telescopic ladder

Part handles

Easy grip handle design
Part handles easy to move and carry

Soles ladder

Soles ladder specially designed to reduce slip and create a sense of stability
Brackets made of anti-slip ABS plastic
Thickness of aluminum 1.2-1.5 mm makes lightweight ladder, but durable enough for a pro

Use position

Aluminum ladders use only I-shaped
Collapse easily, fits all types of cars, easy to carry.


single draw aluminum ladder
single draw aluminum ladder

Integrated design of 100% new polyamide parts
Constructed with Durable Materials, 6063 T5 aluminum alloy with a Clean-Touch anodized finish
The super slim profile lightweight for easy transport and storage


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